Axis House scores in all markets

The downturn in local and global economies has seen more mining houses calling for solutions driven results that target lower costs and improved production rates, Axis House CEO Justine Stubbs tells Modern Mining…

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Rejuvenate and Thrive: Axis House Group's Empowering Wellness Day

The Wellness Day is a great opportunity for people to pause and reflect on mental and physical well-being. 

The day commenced with a burst of energy as employees participated in an exhilarating boxing session! Led by skilled trainers...

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We are pleased to introduce our group of interns who have joined our team to gain valuable experience and skills.

Our interns come from different backgrounds, and they have a wide range of talents which makes them a valuable addition to our team…

EXCLUSIVE: Axis House – A front runner in metallurgical processing

The company has garnered a reputation for timely delivery through its efficient and cost-effective logistics capabilities and advances in reagent technologies, earning the trust of the Copperbelt region and expanding its influence globally.

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Community upliftment – Bursary sponsorship recepient

Meet Chumile Ngwanya (Chumie), our bursary recipient. She was born and bred in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. She’s currently studying at Cape Peninsula University of Technology pursuing a Degree in Analytical Chemistry…

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Infrastructure woes blight mining activities

The value of minerals available in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is overshadowed by ailing infrastructure such as roads and reliable Internet networks. These challenges make it difficult for mining companies, and companies that support the mining industry, to import and export supplies,” says reagents expert Axis House…

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A new era for chemical reagent specialist

Staff, suppliers and customers – these are three vital components on which chemical reagent specialist Axis House has built its success and will take the company forward. This is according to new MD QUINTON GILES, who is committed to ensuring that Axis House remains a technology-driven company that offers stakeholder value and can expand into new markets. GERARD PETER reports…

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Inflation woes and African mining

The volatility in commodity prices created a double blow for our clients in addition to cost flare-ups. However, inflationary pressures are also pushing our clients to be more selective in their reagent purchases and go for products that promise higher throughputs and an optimized beneficiation process, with less waste…

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Reagent Specialist Axis House

Reagent specialist Axis House is priming for an exciting period of growth and expansion
following the appointment of key personnel in leadership positions.
The company recently announced that Quinton Giles will be taking over from Justine Stubbs as
Managing Director. Stubbs, who is one of the founders of Axis House, continues her journey with
the company as CEO…
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Supplier trials new collector

Chemical reagents supplier and distributor Axis House has conducted multiple laboratory scale tests at a South African gold operation, to develop and select a collector that can benefit overall gold recovery…
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Firm’s developments can exploit gold resurgence

Despite the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on gold production last year, production has increased this year, as more producers are building capacity and mining projects resume. As a reagent supplier, Axis House is conducting testwork and plant application trials at local gold producers. …

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Selective chemistry, optimised physics

Having perfected its Imhoflot™ pneumatic flotation technology over the past 25 years, Maelgwyn is now looking to match reagents with the specific conditions of high-energy pneumatic cells as part of a research collaboration with South Africa-based chemical solutions provider Axis House. …
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New reagent increases recovery of phosphate. Axis House has launched an extension to its phosphate range to include defoamer and decadmiation products

Chemical reagents supplier and distributor Axis House has launched an extension to its phosphate range to include defoamer and decadmiation products in addition to the existing Rinkalore collector range for phosphate flotation. …
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Xanthates alternatives more effective – supplier

The differential flotation of polymetallic sulphide ores, including copper, lead and zinc, are a common practice where these metals are mined from the same ore deposit…. 
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New collectors released

South African chemicals company Axis House has developed and released a new polymetallic range of collectors – PolyQ – to be used in the flotation process to recover base metals from polymetallic ores. …
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Water scarcity: Chemical reagents an effective solution

The growing need to conserve water and preserve the environment are quickly becoming priorities for the mining industry. This has seen an increase in demand for chemical manufacturer and supplier Axis House’s niche brand of water treatment reagents which effectively enable water recycling and in so doing, offer the added benefit of increasing the lifespan of tailing dam facilities, writes LAURA CORNISH. …
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Sulphide collectors prospering in Zambian market

Axis House has had the opportunity to enhance and develop its range of copper flotation sulphide collectors in the Zambian mining industry, states Axis House sales manager Gareth Heynes. The company’s TLQ2 sulphide collector – a specialised liquid collector used for copper flotation – is being used at one of the largest copper-producing mines in Zambia. Axis House has also developed bespoke sulphide collectors that have “meteorically” improved performance at other mine sites in the country. “Axis House has played a significant role in the growth of the Zambian mining industry. With continuous support and development, our goal is to guide mines away from using dangerous products – such as xanthates – for flotation and, together with grade and recovery, improve the flotation process as a whole.” …
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Supplier progresses tech advancements

Chemicals reagents supplier and distributor Axis House has made advancements in projects pertaining to base metals, platinum- group metals and gold ores. Axis House supplies a large quantity of flotation collectors, which are used to separate minerals from waste rock, to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – key regions with large base metals reserves. The company has been operational in the Copperbelt, in Zambia, and the DRC for about 20 years. These countries that host the Copperbelt are rich in copper and comprise the greatest concentration of copper deposits. The Copperbelt covers 31 328km2. “Axis House has specifically developed and tested flotation collectors, especially in copper/lead/zinc ores,” says Axis House sales representative Travis Myburgh. …
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Precipitation reagent compensates for low cobalt prices

The demand for electric vehicles, at the start of 2019 anticipated to be high, has been slower than expected – and the consequent result has seen a fairly steep drop in battery minerals pricing, including cobalt. There is however no need to curtail cobalt production..…
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Axis House grows with new Turkey site

South Africa-based Axis House, a leading reagent technology management company offering mining chemicals, flotation and mineral processing solutions since 2001, has become a major supplier and distributor of chemicals to the mining industry. As a result of extensive years of experience in the DRC and Zambia, Axis has announced the addition of a satellite office in Turkey that will service Northern Africa, Middle Eastern, European and Central African clients. Axis House Managing Director Justine Stubbs says: “We have spent years consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation for our diverse clients, and this satellite office is just the first step for Axis House in our scope for expansion into the main copper-producing regions globally as well as gold and platinum.” With a product offering, including both mining chemicals and mining consumables, the company believes that its expert team is always ahead of the curve. “We inherently believe that operational excellence can only be achieved through continuous and progressive innovation, and we are celebrating this progression with our new office in Turkey,” concludes Stubbs. The Axis House range of products includes mining chemicals for flotation – including proprietary flotation technology, primary and secondary collectors, the Hydrofroth™ range of frothers, and sulphidising agents – as well as depressants, thickeners, hydrometallurgical reagents and laboratory chemicals.
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Axis House anchored in the DRC

Optimising mineral recovery from existing production streams has never been more important than it is now – as the world struggles to maintain normalcy while it continues to operate in ‘safe mode’ to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic.…
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Development Through Innovation

The core of Axis House’s future growth.
According to mining chemicals and reagents supplier and distributor Axis House, process control is the essential driving force behind the development of new mining and processing technologies aimed at better unlocking value from depleting ore grades and for operations with limited accessibility to reserves…
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Axis House in Mining Weekly

Axis House develops new product for electro winning Axis House in Mining Weekly
chemicals reagents supplier and distributor Axis House has developed the ALC9, a new type of smoothing agent that can provide smoother cathodes than any other product, even at densities of 450 A/m2..…
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Axis House in African Decisions

Ideal formula
Fast-changing mining conditions require customised chemical processing solutions, says Axis House MD, Justine Stubbs While emerging technologies and other digital disruptors are both inevitable and welcome innovations to improving mining production,…
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Axis House in African Decisions

Chain reaction
With a solid track record and extensive list of international clients, Axis House has proven its mettle in the mineral processing arena. As a leading reagent technology management expert, Axis House offers cutting-edge mineral processing solutions with almost 20 years of experience within the market.…
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Axis House in Mining Weekly August Edition

Axis House in Mining Weekly
Sandton-based chemical reagents supplier and distributor, Axis House, plans to considerably expand its metallurgical laboratory in the Western Cape.…
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Value Chain

Top-quality reagents are worth their weight in gold in the value chain…
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Axis House in Leadership Magazine September Edition

Axis House in Leadership Magazine September 2018
In 2001, Axis House started as small company with one client, today they are the technical partner for more than 80 companies across the world.…
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Balancing the Formula - IM - International Mining Revadep proves its worth:

Axis House’s Bernard Oostendorp, Technical Manager says its clients can benefit from increased metal recoveries while improving the working conditions of their staff and streamlining their processes with the implementation of its environmentally sensitive products. As Cherryl Thomas, Sales Manager,Africa says: “Environmental regulations are becoming stricter and requests for alternative reagents to common, but hazardous, chemicals (xanthates, NaHS and cyanide, ect) are increasing. “Axis House takes this into consideration during reagent development work for clients. Its xanthate-alternative sulphide collectors are being used successfully at several copper mines in Zambia, as well as platinum and gold mines in South Africa, according to Oostendorp. The European and Middle East markets has shown substantial growth in the last 18 months. This has sen multiple trials conducted and completed at copper-lead-zinc mines in Europe and Turkey, were sulphide collectors were successfully trialed in full-scale applications. Thomas said: “This allows Axis House to apply the application knowledge and market products to the operations processing similar ore types. Successful application of reagents also forms a new baseline from which development can take place. ” Sulphide collectors are not all the South African-based company is working on. The company’s Revadep Depressant range, engineered to target specific gangue minerals in the flotation process, has found favor with platinum group metals producers in South Africa. Thomas said the depressants have proven highly effective in the PGM flotation process by reducing floatable gangue like talc. The company is also targeting the Zambia copper flotation market with its Revadep Cu++ depressant formula, according to Thomas. Highly floatable carbon is also a problematic mineral in some of the operations in Zambia and the Axis House carbon depressant, Cu++, was successfully trialed at full scale”, she said. In the DRC, the company’s mobile precipitation plant, built specifically for cobalt miners to analyse the effect of dosage, process conditions and reagent type on different types of ore, is starting to be appreciated by miners too, Thomas said/ And, the development of a reagent range to remove cadmium in phosphate production has allowed Axis House clients to cost-effectively sustain phosphate output without bolting on processing units like ion exchange columns she added. At teh R&D stage of its Revadep depressants, Axis House is addressing the use of one of the more controversial reagents used across the mining industry, according to Thomas. “At development level, the focus is to expand the Revadep range to include selective depressants of sulphide gangue (pyrite, pyrrhotite) to replace or reduce the use of hazardous reagent like cyanide, “Thomas said.
We inherently believe that operational excellence can only be achieved through continuous and progressive innovation.
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