Consistent Quality: MagChem 40 outperforms other products providing a consistent and reliable solution for your cobalt
processing needs.
Operational Efficiency: Optimize your processes and increase profitability with the superior performance of MagChem 40.
Global Trust: Join industry leaders worldwide who trust MagChem 40 for its unparalleled quality and results.
WITH MagChem 40
Unlock Performance
and Op�mize Grade & Recovery
Why Choose MagChem 40?
Key Advantages of MagChem 40
Average increase in cobalt grade >3%
Average increase in cobalt recover 10%
Average reduction in consumption 30%
Average reduction in Mg content 5%
Environmental Responsibility
MagChem 40 is produced with a focus on
environmental sustainability, aligning with
international standards for responsible mining
Unmatched Performance
MagChem 40 consistently delivers superior results,
optimizing both grade and recovery in the cobalt
precipitation process resulting in USD millions in
benefits per month
Global Buying Specification Compliance
Produce cobalt hydroxide that surpasses Chinese
buying specifications. MagChem 40 ensures
compliance with minimum heavy metal content,
meeting the rigorous standards of the Global market.
Reliable Supply Chain
Count on Magnesia Solutions for a stable and reliable
supply of MagChem 40. We understand the importance
of uninterrupted operations and are committed to
supporting your success
How to Secure Your Supply of MagChem 40?
We provide you with onsite optimisation, dosing and training.
Contact us for your plant audit.
Visit our website at for more information
or contact our dedicated team at +27 11 463 4888
Elevate your cobalt processing operations with MagChem 40
Where excellence meets performance!